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Reach back into the past and discover Einkorn, an exceptional grain with a nutty, grassy taste, loaded with all that is good for you. Grain, gluten and wheat intolerances? This would be your #1 grain to try for every baking need. Think out of the box and discover new baking experiences with ancient grain Einkorn.


Einkorn is the oldest known cultivated wheat and has a nutty, grassy taste. It is a low yielding crop which makes it more expensive but the return in flavor and nutrition is a worthy investment. It is easier to digest for people with grain and modern wheat intolerances for several reasons.  It has 14 chromosomes in its genetic make up whereas modern wheat has 42. It also has the most protein of any wheat yet the gluten structure is such that the gluten in einkorn breaks down quickly and is therefore easier to digest. It has 3-4 times the Vitamin B2 than modern wheats which aids in digestion and absorption of fats, carbs, and proteins. There is 15% less starch therefore fewer carbohydrates and 200% more lutein than modern wheat, the antioxidant that gives egg yolks their deep yellow color. It has a high percentage of many essential nutrients.

There is a learning curve to working with einkorn so if you are new to whole grains, start by adding small amounts of einkorn alongside a grain you are more familiar with in your breads and baked goods. This is an exceptional grain with so much nutritional value and flavor possibilities that you will want to take the opportunity to set aside your standard baking habits and expand your baking skills with einkorn. Think beyond the box of your baking expectations and welcome the  wholesome flavor and sustaining energy einkorn has to offer.

Einkorn can be used in all types of bread and baked goods, even pasta. The cookbook ‘Einkorn’ by Carla Bartolucci is an excellent resource when learning all things einkorn. The testimony of her daughter’s health transformation by switching to einkorn is remarkable.

Tips: Do not over mix. Let batter/dough rest before baking as einkorn takes time to absorb water and fat.


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