Mockmill Grain Mill Attachment for Stand Mixers


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Offering you the ultimate in farm to table experience. A stone grain mill designed for your kitchen.

Whole grains. Freshly milled flour. Unspoiled. Untouched. Exceptional flavor. So satisfying.

Nothing added. Nothing taken away. Every life giving part in everything you bake.

Whole grains. Whole beans. Whole spices. Milled fresh.

Flour milled to perfection. Ultra fine. Fine. Course. Course meal. Cracked grains. Every baking need. As needed.

Freshly milled whole grain flour at the touch of a button. Right now. In your kitchen.

Freshly milled flour in your bowl and nowhere else.

Healthy you. What you can’t afford to be without at an affordable price.

Mockmill Specifics

Milling mechanism: Corundum ceramic grinding stones. The super hard and ever sharp stones produce ultra fine flour to cracked cereal grains and everything in between at a low temperature.

Encased in an Arboblend shell, or liquid wood, a renewable product made of 98% natural plant based fibers.

A durable, strong, industrial electric grain mill that will provide many years of fresh, delicious, nourishing whole grain flour for all baking and cooking needs.

Mills all dry grains such as every variety of wheat, ancient grains like kamut, spelt, einkorn, rye, oats, barley, field corn, dried beans such as chickpeas, limas, black beans, lentils, spices such as cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, Himalayan pink salt and so much more. Do not mill oily nuts and seeds.

The mockmill comes with a 6 year warranty.

Made in Germany by Wolfgang Mock

Mockmill Lino 100 and 200:
Encased in a beautiful birch wood housing, this mill provides freshly milled grain easily and quickly. The hopper rotates to adjust the setting for very fine to very course flour or cracked grains.
The specifications and description are the same as the Mockmill 100 and 200.
Warranty: 2 years for commercial use, 12 years for private use

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs

100 vs 200, faster


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